Centavestng features various investment opportunities from our partners in the agricultural value chain


Real Estate

We connect you with highly vetted, safe and affordable business opportunities with good returns from the real estate sector.


Commodity Trading

Through real-time market updates, our partners aggregate produce directly from the source and supply to end processors. Our partners trade in profitable commodities in the domestic and international market.


Transportation and Logistics

We connect you with tech-driven transportation and logistics business opportunities. Transport is essential to facilitate the achievement of a wide variety of SDGs.


Premium Investment

This is a customized and premium investment package that runs for a minimum of 12 months and above. Investment opportunities across key sectors such as Agriculture, Real Estate, Transportation and more are available. The returns are paid in trenches alongside the investment capital at the end of the cycle.

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Standard Investment

Enjoy good returns on our short-term investment opportunities. This investment product runs for a short term; 6 months and 12 months.

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Rice Farming

Rice Farming

Location: Nasarawa State

Cattle Value Chain

Cattle Value Chain

Location: Oyo State

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Why Centavest

User-friendly: Centavest platform is very simple to use and simple to setup. You create your account for free.
Good returns: Get good returns on every investment package.

On the go: You can invest with us anywhere, and anytime.
Social Impact: You are improving livelihoods by contributing to the actualization of the Sustainable Development Goals.
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Let your money work for you

Let Your Money Work For You

Centavest is the best way to grow your finances with ease.

You are making impact from your comfort zone and making decent returns in the process.

Choose different sectors to invest your money.

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Grow Your Money With CentaVest Wallet

Investing in Centavest means your money works all day long and all night long. With the Centavest wallet, you can grow your money for as long as you want. You can:

  • Deposit funds directly from your bank or card.
  • Invest in investment packages with funds in your wallet.
  • Get your payback directly into your wallet.
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    "Centavestng is indeed an integrity-based organization. My experience has been that of a joyful rollercoaster and the customer service is impeccable. Please keep up the good work."

    "Highly impressed with Centavestng business strategies and growth. Very good customer service. Payment of my matured investments have been prompt and on time."

    "Centavest has demonstrated high level of transparency in dealing with investors. Returns were paid promptly as at when due, with a follow-up telephone call to ensure the money was received. "



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